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Planning Stitches & Patterns

Boy am I chomping at the bit to get this page started.  I also intend to start teaching in live classes as well as making videos of designing a piece as I go.

The way I learn....I imagine having to teach it to someone else who really has very little experience in crochet at all.  Every aspect of crafting the piece is fully explained and understood.

When the "WHY's" are explained the whole process makes sense.

I've taught kids as young as 5 how to crochet.  Absolutely there's no doubt this is learnable.

Once you learn a few of the basic stitches the mystery is gone and the imagination can completely take over.

Dispelling ALL Fears of:

*getting stuck,

**forgetting the basics,


***thinking a project is too complicated or overwhelming to


"I'm not that creative, I need a pattern."

I can make a
chain, but that's it."

"How in the 
world do I start??"

Remember School House Rock??  Well. I'll break it down.  Step by step.  Make it fun. know what it is you want to make. 


The size, colors, shape and how complicated you want it to be. 


Will it be a one-off or made over and over multiple times??

You start with a row....a chain or a loop or a "magic circle" (not a complicated thing, either) and you play with each kind of stitch.  Multiples? Increasing?? Decreasing?? Are you making a hat and starting with the brim or at the crown??

I'm not teaching anything that hasn't been taught before.  I'm simply taking it at a different angle.  Varying your stitches to create a contrast in texture, if you will, making the stitch more open or tighter or adding several stitches into an area in order to...well, not make a big job so boring and to make it YOUR OWN.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you are stuck anywhere in a project.  I'm more than happy to help.  I can walk you through what I have done on this site or what I would have done even hypothetically or offer suggestions.  

**Yes, if I have used a resource or watched a video and used a technique that you can also learn from, I am most graciously going to add that bit of information.  God Bless.  

I have found crocheting (any kind of growing, learning, creating, sharing) to be so absolutely therapeutic that I can't help but want to share this with everyone.


another highlight of the raised stitch area of the white.jpg



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