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Special Requests

Phil is one of my re-occurring customers.  God Bless him, he has a condition that makes him tremble and he has a hard time with a few of life's situations.  I'm his "girl for the job."

This pouch was his latest request.  With denim fabric, at his request, an adaptation of the original design was created in the proper sizes for his needs.  

A)  the single holder for just the inhaler and, 

B) a holder for both his cell phone and the inhaler.  He has a flip phone which has a thicker bulk and the inhaler is longer than what can be contained by the case provided to him by the NRA.

Velcro secures the pouches closed and there are belt loops in the back; 1 for the single and 2 for the doubled carriers (as shown below).

lbelt loop side of inhaler and phone poc

"A" The single carrier.

pouch for inhaler for Phil 1_edited_edit
Phil's pouch opened_edited.jpg

"B" Double Pouch

inhaler in pouch for Phil_edited.jpg

Phil's Most Recent Projects for Me

Olivia - 
mended horse blankets

1)  the Pouches

2) Velcro substitute for button closure/pants

3)  Back pockets of slacks extended (made deeper) to accommodate his checkbook

4)  Pants hemmed

5)  Shirt sleeves shortened

6)  Adult bibs (revised a design to make HIS longer and wider and added a front pocket to catch dropped food).

Great service in a hurry..
rewarding in every sense -- a job well-done, timely, helpful, friendly, honest and at a decent, fair price.
Repeat customers and referrals keep me sooooooo busy.   But I'm not complaining.  I love what I do. 
spirit face in sepia.jpg
Patches sewn on denim and leather vests for bikers.
Repairing  quilted fabric stitches on clothing.
Re-beading patterns on sweater, repairing special hem on heavy leather coat.
Oiy!  Yes, lots of work to mend these (3 different pair of shorts)!
AJ is a real estate agent and in her off time, at home, breeding Great Danes, she needs to wear her favorite casual clothes.  And these shorts she was not anywhere near wanting to part with yet and how could I say that face.  AAGGHH....honestly, the hours! of work to get these to look like something wearable!!!  If only there was some worthy photography to give this effort the proper mention...well, here's my pics.
Oh, and she and her husband also became the proud owners of this guy....from Tim's creations.  They saw his "doodle" in the wood piece and just had to have it.
not time to let them go yet.jpg

lots and lots of hours....

     and hours,,,,

and stitches...

and piecing...and replacing voids

     with....much appreeiciated...



It was mostly an expectation (of AJ's) of "sorry, it's hardly worth the trouble"....but I don't play that way.....

they came to me as a seam and the part of a pocket and at least the zippers were in tact to get a sense of which side was front piece and what might be the back....

oh, to look at them now...

and if you could have seen her face when she got them ALL BACK, FIXED.


the most original pieces still there.jpg
not much to work with.jpg
did i already get these.jpg
more shorts.jpg
a labor of love.jpg


Using  7   bandana 

fabrics, mostly...until I ran out, then, my own cute fabrics had to be used, too. 

AJ's shorts.jpg
these look like shorts, at least.jpg



no sleep til seriously lots


took hours of mending to get these done.
more shorts 2.jpg


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