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You can design a wine bag or let me know your ideas, based on what you think the wine bag would look like and the wine bag is MADE TO ORDER.

Elza Wine Bag

  Layers of gorgeous fabric,

cinched and pinched and 

 wrapped in streams

of rosettes. $65

Different views from around the wine bag.  The whiskey bottle inside 

is 14" tall.

Wine Bags


More of this below.

Styles and choices that should fit a vast amount of personalities.  Please feel free to request your own concepts/custom designs.

Have you seen the Consignment Shop on this site??  Check it out!

Collette Wine Bag
Collette - Wine Bag, beautiful butterfly print and flower type trim, perfect gift/Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Wine Bags

The wine bottle inside is 14" tall.

Tiny flowered trim tops this butterfly themed wine bag.


The perfect gift for that person who already has everything - a wine bag.

A very customizable gift. Size, color, dimensions, fabric, trim can all be changed to fit any decor.

Ellis - Wine Bag, close up of trim/Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Wine Bags

Ellis - Wine Bag

Simple and subtle flower print, suitable for a casual or professional setting.  $15

Ellis Wine Bag from Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Wine Bag

Poppy - Wine Bag

Feminine or Masculine (enough) of a print.  Great housewarming gift.  $15


Eva - Decanter Decorated

This decanter is covered in toile fabric and flowers. The flowers are made of ombre, satin and silk ribbons.  The corked top is adornned with a bracelet that I made. It happened to be fit nicely and there it sits and it's so pretty.  $55

Yes, the bracelet is for sale as well.

More, later.  Mass is on.

Thrift store shopping is so amazingly fun.  What others think of as "easily cast off" or "unsuitable, " to me are some of the LUCKIEST FINDS.

If you come across something that you think has potential but not sure what to do with it...go with your gut and get it.  I'm more than happy to give you an idea of "what the heck" to do with it.



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