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I've been sewing for over 40 years.

Repairing a heart-breaking mishap with my new doll, Teresa was the first big thing I did that was ever so important to my life.  I was 8 years old, I guess.  Pretty ingenious, too, I might add, the repair still fresh in my mind, the trauma, the relief, the love.  She is still on my bed and very dear to me.

I am left-handed.  Wanting to Master everything yet having minimal guidance at a very young age was hardly going to be a deterrent to me.  It wasn't that I had to prove anything to anyone else, it was always about the idea that if I wanted to do something...I'd do it.  

      Ask my MOM.  Hi, MOM.

Location NEWS....

I have a working location that I'll be able to move into soon.  Nope.  I can't divulge this location.  It's going to be perfect to get going on the business again, the behind-the-scenes new merchandise I've been dying to get into, anyway.  

Alterations....that is another story.  But, God is good.  Things are happening...

Bigly.  I can make arrangements to do alterations again.  Please give me until August (2023).
location news

I embroidered this piece when I was 9 or 10 years old.  It was simply an iron-on transfer from a book of Norman Rockwell embroidery book.  This is cruel embroidery.  I very nonchalantly just took to the project... and did it.  I did several others from that transfer book as I got older.  The two sleeping little boys fishing on a raft was one of them.  Geez, I wish I could find the picture of it.


Yep, this is me.  Wearing the head wrap I made for my daughter, Alyx.  The one with the bow. Circa 2021.

I work at Harbor Freight in Olean, NY.

I've made all of these creations myself (unless otherwise mentioned).  I also do all of the website building and maintenance.  Please pardon the constant construction underway; like route 86 in Southern NY, never done.

ME - Michele (Pipitone) Mowrer

Me.  Four years old. Left, Karin Serianni, Right, Tricia Bendon and Rene'e Dominic.  Paul Pipitone, father.  Adrienne Tooke, MOM.

Me slouch 2.jfif
Me on the phone.jpg

Aunt Louise (left) taught me how to embroider and crochet. Me ~23, Nonny (right).  Non taught me how to cook.

I don't do selfies, so these are taken by a friend.  Me, about a year ago (2021).  Pretty happy while I'm sewing.

The  things you might be wondering about...


I must admit, though, and it's just who I am...I'm odd.  Different.  I see out of the box.  

    Here's an example of how I create in order to create in order to sell because "THIS IDEA JIVES ME..."

         tRUe  sTORy....   I'll add this very creation as soon as I learn how to use my lathe that I bought last year 

Next week on the lathe learning but get this,....

Okay....I make flowers

          I make Flower Rings...they need to be displayed.  I like to sculpt.  I sculpted hands, almost skeletal, not very creepy but still, suggestive of bones, a bit of the anatomy, just figuratively, a hand with a bit of the wrist for form.  The hand is decorative in many ways with coordinating/interesting combination of fabrics.  The hands are light-weight and need to be posable.  The hands need to be supported at a base.  The base also has to be something I can design.  I almost never buy things with the intent of using them for the original reason they are there...but I will acquire this and that and just go with'll fit somewhere.  Wood. A bee hive.  The base of the skeletal hands, the posable models for the Flower Rings, will be Bee Hives, turned on a lathe and possibly other things (...Maybe).  But inside the Bee Hives are a music box mechanism that you actually wind up and play when you want to.  (Sudden movements causing a noise out of these would not be good).  /this is how my mind works.


And I like coffee.  Adore Trump.  Love God above all.  I'm a great MOM.  My MOM loves me always and we talk when we can.  I have 3 sisters and a brother.  Famous relatives but I don't drop names.  Lots of ambition.  55 in August - 2022.  Conservative Catholic. Maiden name: Michele Annette Pipitone.  I graduated from Oneida High School (NY) in '85.  Four years of college, several studies, a good student but lack of funds and being practical with money and forever marketable I am able to enjoy an absolutely wonderful life without going into debt for that college piece of paper.  Artsy.  A DO-er but I do things generally on my own.  Others can be around but that isn't always necessary.  I finish things I start.  

Currently I work at Harbor Freight in Olean, NY.  I'm Senior Sales. I do well and I hope to move up to the next position as the position opens up.

As of late, I'm really loving the gym.  Exercising and swimming. Lots of things are on the horizon, still, just you wait and see.

I have a wide variety of skills.  I am mostly self-taught.  Most of these forms of creating, I'm sure you've heard of such as:

Crochet, knit, tatting (lace making), sewing, altering clothes, sculpting (lots of mediums), repairing a whole bunch of anything to be quite coveted after.

The site is a re-birth of a re-birth of the online versions of what has to a presence that can show and sell directly to the customer what I can do without having to pad my prices to cover the cost of their building.  I do all the work of making everything as well as building this site.  Again, another labor of love. love.

My mom is the author amongst many, many other things. I hate writing about myself... But, what I feel the need to explain is why I am so completely motivated, no, impassioned, to do what I really do just LOVE to do....create, or DO or FIX or GET INTO, or improve or surprise someone with doing or giving just what they need.   

AH-Ha!  "See a need and fill it!!!"    It's like what my kids and I call that "HOUSE" moment, where Gregory HOUSE (love Hugh Laurie), suddenly figures out what to do with the supposedly impossible.   That, too, is delicious;  figuring out what needs to be done and just DOING IT.  Like the week before prom and the dress needs to be three sizes larger in two days and fitting in the FT and PT job and her fittings and it fits like it was meant for her...That.  Feels.  Good.  Actually getting the prom pics promised back to me for the site, another thing.  But, this site is now in the process of being built so I can start bugging the girls for the pics to add. 

The extra gifts I love making for the customers....the referrals of the referrals....the repeat business (keyboard doesn't have an exponent thing-ie for this), okay, the repeat customers come back SEVERAL TIMES....

I adore all of this....


11/11/2021  (5/7/23)  Still the same....More and more is happening...the dollar is collapsing and banks are closing, thank God.  We, as general rule are either figuring it all out and most of us are "Assending."

For those who aren't aware of what's really going on....I blame the Main Stream Media.  (MSM).  Although the White Hats are in charge of everything and all of this is "pantomime," Biden is a clone and has at least 3 people (actors in masks) playing him the country is in absolute shambles.  Inflation, the open border, etc.  Awful.  All of this could soon change.  Yes, there are off-planet beings helping us out with all of this transition and change but this is up to us humans to make up our minds to be freed from the Cabal.  We've been enslaved for many millennia.  I have absolute faith that this reaching this goal will happen.

Oh, as I read below....I hadn't yet, apparently yet probably not yet known about MEDBEDS!!  Wow.  What a blessing that there are now medbeds to cure of we've been broken and will entirely we be fixed.  All that we've been poisoned with by pharmaceuticals and the evil medical things will be fixed with Quantum Technology and Tesla Energy.  (I don't blame the people in the medical fields who most likely had good intentions getting into their fields, but, they were purposely misinformed and ended up doing the bidding of the Cabal to keep us sick and unhealthy and indebted to a never-ending cycle of all of this horrific-ness).  Those of us in the Truther Community know we are looked at like "tin-foil hats" and conspiracy theorists and we've lost a lot of friends along the way.  As we say...the difference in conspiracy theory and reality is about 6 months."  The truth will come out.  Tucker Carlson getting fired was simply to show how Fox was just as owned by Rupert Murdoch as are the other networks.  Now that he say openly say, uncensored, anything about this administration and the farce of J/6, (January 6th "insurrection"-what a laugh), well, let the facts fly now about Hunter Biden's laptop, etc.  I feel so badly for the people I hear complaining about taxes when they don't even know the IRS was literally closed up over a year ago. Words to research (use Duck Duck Go, Telegram, Rumble, Brave, there are others): Pyramids and Lay Lines, Medbeds, Tesla technology, NESARA/GESARA, the QFS, Humanitarian Projects, Ascension, there's a start...God Bless. 

11/11/2021 picked up here....

 I thought I would add a bit more here about me because I feel this is absolutely relevant.  I am very proud to be Catholic & unvaxxed.   I follow others like me on Telegram; Simon, Charlie, Mel, David, Delora, Amanda, etc.  Last names not necessary.  Those of us who know....know.  I'm patiently waiting for the RV, the QFS, the MSM to go down and the EBS to turn on.  I have a 5G phone but I'm terrified of the effects that are quite real.  Morgellons plague my parents but they are working on getting rid of them.  The D.U.M.B.S. are now on my mind and I'm grateful I trusted my instincts to NOT send my children to D.C. for some stupid 8th grade trip there where, most likely they would be a part of the satanic sacrifices.  What is under the "34 buildings," the true reason we experienced 911, the sinking of the Titanic, JFK's assassination, the farce that is NASA, the dumbing down of society, the Federal Reserve, how we have been bought and sold into slavery for ions to the cabal because we are their cattle, the senseless killings with wars that were funded on BOTH SIDES by the government and IBM in order reduce the planets population of us "useless eaters," not to mention Margaret Sanger's plan to rid the world of our precious children with Planned Parenthood........oh, I can go on and on about the things that have come to light and now plague my mind and I will be eternally ecstatic that we have brought to the light and have fought with everything we have to be rid of in our beautiful world.  All the spying is gone.  The White Hats have worked very hard to get us where we are going....only with the graces granted by God to...the words are falling short, sorry...Wow.  God''s God's world given to us that we need to fight for and appreciate and experience to the fullest.  

I'm hoping to decalcify my pineal gland as much as I can possibly manage to do so so that I can have what we humans were given; that connection to God in the fullest sense.  These things may sound foreign to you.  And maybe not.  In a few days, weeks, months and years this will all sound very trivial and commonplace, common knowledge perhaps.  I, myself, feel very lucky to be aware of the atrocities we have been tortured with, well, to know that they have happened, so unjustly, yes, but that they are, were, rather what we better never forget and we deserve what is yet to come -- which is peace and sovereignty. Sovereignty. Now. there's another word we were not allowed to know the true meaning of, let alone be allowed to fully experience.  Like I say...the best is yet to come.  I'm quite happy to know all of you in this new world and be alive while we go through this transition.

   So, what's next????...Yep....I have prayed for this for a LONG TIME!!!!!  My dreams...on the horizon...WILL BE A REALITY.

Like I mentioned at the very beginning of this "about me" stuff....I love what I do because it fills a need.

That, is truly how I like to spend my day.  My hours.  My minutes.  Filling the needs of others.  I have unique talents, I like things done right and I think out of the box.  I'll rework a "problem" until I have a solution that reallllly makes sense and "does one better." tie into all of this Dream stuff and our new Sovereignty and making a difference -- the restrictions are gone.  They will be very soon.  If you know you know and very soon the world will also know.  I want to help others have and learn and gather and I want to teach and provide and share and BE, and become and learn and share those new things and bring services and people and ideas and life and love and God and peace and sanctity and security and pride back to people and keep this whole world moving the way God intended it.  My own little part to play.  Boy, do I just love and enjoy what I do.

Thanks for reading this this far.  I LOVE the "behind the scenes" of everything so, for myself, I'd still be reading, too.  I think I'd rather read the autobiography about the author/producer/actor than their work.  I digress.  I do that, too. 

To do all of this....well, there's tons of work to be done; letters written to people who genuinely care, etc.  God has a plan.  The plan I'd like for Him to share, if He so chooses, is to allow me this, is to be a Traveling Seamstress...(slash 1000 things).  With an RV.  Recreational Vehicle.  The RV will contain all that I need to sew, cook, teach, sell (consignment shop that I already have) and transport anything that needs to be delivered.  Anything from meals to altered clothing, (my doing, of course), home cooked meals, composting materials (picked up/delivered to proper community area), etc.  Other things I want to be involved in; a driver's ed school, a B&B, planning and operations of building Cobb Homes, Gardening for Singles/Couples/Children/Seniors, etc,.  So many things come to mind.  Teaching all of these crazy things that I do, too.  Besides the Blog, which I WILL get to I can share what I know and still find people to teach me and even take those teachers with me in the RV to where ever we go to teach the what ever we know.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

See??? "See a need and fill it."  More fun than you can shake a stick at.

And being Italian and a mom, of course, I'll be feeding everybody, too.  Ahhhh.  Big dreams.

Gotta Love it.  And it's all gonna happen.  Because God said so.  I'm ready.

God Bless.  Thanks for reading all of this.

Oh, of course, pray.  Prayers, people.  All of you, please pray.  For God's will.  Be grateful.  Be good.

We can do nothing without HIM. Mom is an author.  So.  We are praying that her manuscripts will be NOW in the RIGHT hands to publish everything and get those books made into movies.  She's awesome.


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