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Bridal Accessories

The 3 pictures below are just one of the themes I've designed for a very happy wedding ceremony.

Your theme  can be any thing you want it to be.  You are certainly NOT limited to what you will see on this site, as far as MY abilities go, anyways. Please feel free to express your fullest desires so that we get you exactly what you came here for. 

Andrea's (husband's) boutonniere from Michele's Adornments & Alterations

Isaac's boutonniere.

Andrea's Ring Bearer Pillow from Michele's Adornments & Alterations

Andrea & Isaac's ring bearer Pillow.

There are so many variations and styles that can be imagined for wedding accessories but only a very limited selection that you will find, let alone actually get, in time, to your complete satisfaction for your special day.  

As I say, "See a need and fill it."  That is what I see, sort of a problem, but not really;  It is an opportunity to make someone really happy.

All it takes is a vision, a dream, a concept, some time (on both our parts), the courage to ask (your part) - for what you want, and "bippity, boppity, boo..." I'll make it for you.

Tid Bits & FYI from "your Fairy God Mother"....Bippity, Bobbity-Boo

We all love Pinterest, and who doesn't?  If that's where your ideas come from, great.  If you only have a slight-bit-of-an-idea of what you'd maybe-want or if you are absolutely sure and steadfast in your ideas/hopes/dreams to the size of the stitches and intent, then that's great, too.  I've worked with ALL sorts of brides.  They are fun, chaotic, calm or all flustered.  It's all good.  Everyone ends up happy. 

The following pages I've posted are a showcase of my work.  I have made every bit of what is on this site (outside of Tim's chainsaw carvings).  Some of the pieces are completely out of my head, some are the customer's ideas.  

Andrea's flower crown, all hand-made, custom designed/Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Bridal Headpieces

Andrea's Bridal Headpiece.

3D Invitations - My own creation but it's for YOUR theme.

Save the Date/Invitations/Place Cards custom made to match your wedding theme from Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Bridal Accessories/3D Invitations

Special envelopes can be made to accommodate your creation.

Save the Date/Invitations/Place Cards (at the reception) any of these ideas can be custom made to suit your wishes.  Every guest can feel included and have a very special keepsake.

Roses, Daisies, Lillies, Sunflowers, Your wedding theme is captured with your Save the Date/Invitations/Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Bridal Accessories/3D Invitations

Special occasions deserve first-class treatment.  A lasting impression that can stand the test of time is represented with these beauties.


*graduations, *commemorations, *birthdays,


have that special day remembered with a keepsake that will last for many, many generations.


Don't worry if you can't decide on what it is that would be "the perfect thing."

I can help you figure it out.

The answer could come from me directly and if not, by chance, I am quite resourceful in figuring out how to get you those answers.


Sometimes you have to


            "out of the box." 

That, is certainly something I can do. 

Shoes, Chokers, Flower Rings, everything you HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF for your wedding/Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Bridal Accessories

Shoes for Leila's wedding

engagement Party on the beach in CaliforniaWell, they liked them so much that she wore them for the wedding.


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