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These capes are amazing.  I am very proud of this work.  Although they were made from a pattern for the most part, the embellishments, many of the added parts of the structure and after-thoughts are mine. (The flowers, the holes for your hands, the lining and the buttons, to be precise).

Denim Luxe Fleece w/ Ribbon Flowers

blue cape4.jpeg

Sold            $275

Here is the view from inside out. The lining on the inside of the hood and the back are in the Parisian cotton fabric.

The inside of the front is a gold damask. 

If you've never felt Luxe Fleece before, I've got to say, you are seriously missing out on something fantastic.  Fleece is wonderful because it is so warm but, yet it is a very breathable fabric.  

   Below are pictures of the lining.  I used a Parisian themed cotton.

blue cape2.jpeg
blue cape 3.jpeg

Here is a nicer view of the hood, with flowers.

blue cape.jpeg

"See a need and fill it." There seems to be a lack of shoulder coverings offered to women/girls for formal occasions.  Many special occasions are in colder months and evenings certainly are not very comfortable in temperatures.  Hence, the need for the shawl and cape.  Capes and shawls can be quite stylish and fit the theme of your attire.  

Plaid Cape (Red)

The shell (outside) is fleece and has pockets and a button closure.

red cape 1.jpeg


The inside front of the cape and the hood are fully lined with this comfortable, cotton apple/ checked fabric.  

red cape 2.jpeg
red cape 4.jpeg

This photo shows the lining of the cape. The cape itself is the back view.  The hood is turned inside out although the fabric of the inside is not showing.  The apples/checked print IS the front lining and the red with little yellow dots IS the lining of the BACK. 

This view is the entire cape turned inside out.

red cape 5.jpeg


I have two more capes made but are not yet photographed.  One is blue/white ticking fabric and the other is a brown plaid.  I am still in a process of moving so, unfortunately, I do not have pictures of those yet.

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