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Foxy Keychains

This latest creation that I made simply came from necessity.  

The inside of my purse is black and it's pretty deep, too. I kept losing my keys IN the purse.  Which pocket?

Me being me, I just CAN'T go buy one of those long key chain things.  That, too, WILL get lost in my purse.

Instinctively, I was drawn to pick up this "center" area and the outside texture is something I found on my usual "luck."  (A rare type of thread, it's really hard to find).  I showed some of my coworkers what I was making and now they want one, too.  Sooo, now I have to go find more of it to make them one.  Enjoy.  Order one or two.  $35 each

Isn't she neat as sneakers??  ahhh, necessity IS the mother of invention.

Update....I found my source for 
this 'eyelash thread.'  Only two 
different colors.  Well, 3, but the 
2 pinks are not exactly what I 
would have wanted but they'll do.

The 3rd color is a minty green.  It's 
cute, too, but the order I had was 
for an eggplant shade of purple.

Guys, yes.  Absolutely.  I can

get into a masculine variation

of keychains as well.

Leather strips.  I have them, too.

Weaving.  Macrame. Yep.  Just ask.

Just a crocheted area to attach the pretty creation to the keys.  I've recently purchased some decent rings from work (Harbor Freight) to add to this setup.  The metal rings have to be there, obviously, but for attaching this set up to something, keys in this case, anyway...I like to be ready for different situations. 

Twisted.  Soft, luxurious.  It can be thrown in your pocket and/or fit into a smaller space.

This is the center if all of the crocheted is pulled aside.  I like to fidgit with things and this is definitely a texture that is soothing to the touch. But it does look like this pretty much as it sits.

Much the same of a look.  This is the back of it.  Yes, things that are crocheted DO have a right and wrong side as does fabric.

The thread is finer and softer than a boa trim.  It will not fall apart like feathers would, either.  I'd still say that it would be better to not be rough on it so that it will last longer but it's not fragile either.

Sitting there with a tape measure, obviously.  Scale can be changed as with everything else I make. 

Please, by all means, request any variation you would wish to have for yours.  I'll be making more soon.

Just another twisted look.  Isn't she so pretty??

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