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Photo Album


This is a piece of work that I have created as a sampler.  It is not for sale.

I also am very excited to create many, many more of them.  

This is a piece of fabric that has a print on it.


I made a 3D version of each of the flowers as it sits on the fabric.

Why?  Imitation is wonderful but the practical

use of who will be using it and how.


A photo album that has your wedding flowers theme on it.    Roses?


                                        Tulips?  Lilly of


It will be set in a special place.  Not , hopefully piled on and under other things and in a junk drawer.  To be honest and yes, stating the obvious but shouldn't it be something special?


Imagine Your flowers on the cover.  Not everything is an app or digital and this is concrete proof of your day.  Photos.      


How about a trinket box?  A memories box.  You can Hide great things in plain site.  It can look like a wall hanging -- but it opens.  Love letters, tax documents, baby teeth, a snippet of hair.  Of course YOU know what is special but having something fantastic made that will contain these treasures can be very satisfying.  It can be as elaborate or as simple  as you like it. 


HERE is another great example of a trinket box.

Trinket box.  Ruffled fabric and buttons.  Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Photo Albums
Trinket box/hand mirror on the inside from Michele's Adornments & Alterations




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