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Planning Stitches &
Pattern Making

Under construction....coming soon.

Especially as in the Rasta Hat that I made or the shawl I'm working on, I have pictures in my phone of every step.  I probably have so much content that it's going to be weeks of just adding, clicking and dragging and adjusting lighting on all of this, so please, bear with me.  

Actually, this is a sub-heading under the other page I finally got to which is about all of the teaching and sharing I really want to do. me, make an appointment.  "If you can tie your shoe, you can learn to crochet, felt, etc."  These pictures to be added to this page is kinda, sort of, just a reference guide for the students to go back to if they get stuck or want a refresher.

another highlight of the raised stitch area of the white.jpg
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