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& Flower Crowns

Shilo Hair Comb

I love the mix of colors of this piece.

~4" in diameter.  If you have a slightly

different idea of a design of this sort of piece that YOU would prefer....simply ask.  I'll make it for you.

If you like this piece as a PIN instead, I could recreate it with That purpose.   Any variations are welcome.

Comb on the back.  Could be switched to a barrette.

Aurora Flower (Comb)

Organza, peach petals surround

a softly printed rosette center, also

of organza.

Neve (Comb)

Simple, pretty rosette.  Comb.


The headband was my design as well as the flower.  It does stand up like that with the way it was created.  Variations like this are sometimes the most fun to  come up with.

Flower Rings/Toe Rings

Any of these pretty flowers can be made to be a hair accessory.  Versatility is a wonderful thing.  

Lacy One

She is very small so that she can be placed in several spots along a braid or a hairstyle that is secured.  The twist attached will secure it to the hair.  Several of them, in any design you want makes for a stunning accent.

I make the twist part.  That actually saves money and makes the piece all the more customizable.


This is a hair twist.  These can be in all sorts of variations and sizes.  These work terrifically in multiples.  It works like a barrette but it twists into the hair.  It will not hold the hair into a style but it will stay secured into the style with the wire twist. 


Crocheted headband.  Merlot.


Crocheted Headband. 
Bubble Gum Pink. $75


Headband is another variation of an easy to wear and ready to go accessory.


Variations of pink.  Sweet, simple flowers made of silk.  Versatile piece is a barrette and also a pin.


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