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Hand Cozies

Keep your right hand warm while you are using your computer mouse.  A complete set can be made as well. 

Fashionable & Smart.


Hand Cozy

Connie Another View of the Flower Hand Cozy.jpg

These are all $25.  Tons of work goes into each one of them.  Coordinating fabrics, adjusting the patterns and design of each one depending on the types of fabrics and elements of the design, well, it all goes into each one.  I adore making these and if you have ideas of your own or suggestions, please feel free to let me know what I can do for you.  

Yes, Men's styles are coming soon.  Again, more of these are in the works, they will be finished soon.  Once they're posted work will resume to get the Men's added.

*Concept, pattern/design/finding fabrics, mock-ups made, etc..  Lots to do to get these done.  Your suggestions help so, in advance -- THANKS!!

Connie Hand Cozy Palm side.jpg
Palm side
of Hand Cozy
Connie Hand Cozy flower side-side view.jpg
Side view of Hand Cozy - gusseted with the top, flowered fabric.

Raquel Hand Cozy   

Racquel flower side Hand Cozy.jpg

A longer cuff and ruffled.

Repurposing just works so well so you can work stylishly. 

Racquel Hand Cozy Palm side.jpg
         Palm side
    Hand Cozy


Hand Cozy



elese flower side.jpg
         Palm side
Hand Cozy
Elese palm.jpg
elese hand cozy lining.jpg
Inside lining of 
the Hand Cozy

Erin Hand Cozy


Erin - flower side.jpg
   gusseted area
in blue

Sometimes a gusseted side is

nice to give you a bit more room.

If you want to wear it over a sweater it won't get in the way or be cumbersome.

And it's cute, too.

Remember, you can make up any design you like.  I've got a truck load of fabrics and so many ideas I'm lucky I can make some time to get to posting all these pictures.


Erin palm side hcozy.jpg
         Palm side
Hand Cozy


Addie flower side closeup hand cozy.jpg
Addie flower side hand cozy.jpg
Addie palm side hand cozy.jpg
         Palm side
Hand Cozy
Addie Hand Cozy

Nadia - Hand Cozy  

Nadia flower side.jpg
Nadia palm side hand cozy.jpg
Palm side of Hand Cozy
Penelope Hand Cozy   
yelllooww flower side.jpg
yelllooww palm hand cozy.jpg
         Palm side
Hand Cozy
Rosetta - Hand Cozy  
Palm side of Hand Cozy


Rosetta flower side hand cozy.jpg
Rosetta palm side hand cozy.jpg

Laine - Hand Cozy  

laine hand cozy.jpg
Laine - palm side hand cozy.jpg
Palm side of Hand Cozy
Baroness - Hand Cozy   
Baroness flower 2 hand cozy.jpg
Baroness palm side hand cozy_edited.jpg
Palm side of Hand Cozy

 Gemma Hand Cozy

Gemma Hand Cozy front view_edited.jpg
Gemma Hand Cozy gusset view.jfif
Gemma Hand Cozy palm side.jfif
Palm side of Hand Cozy
palm side of Linden Hand Cozy.jfif
Linden Hand Cozy full view of front.jfif
Linden Hand Cozy front view.jfif

Linden Hand Cozy

Palm side of Hand Cozy
Gita Hand Cozy


Gita front view hand cozy.jfif
Gita gusset but leaf is moved hand cozy.jfif
Palm side of hand cozy - the leaf
is just something I've made up quickly.  It will be used on another cozy. Probably on the one below - Vevina.

leaf I've crocheted
for Vevina, below

"Gita" is short for Margherita
Gita Hand Cozy gusset view.jfif

Vevina Hand Cozy

Vevina palm side.jfif
Vevina finished with flower and gimp front view.jfif
Vevina close up.jfif

Vevina = Angelicized form of the Gaelic Bebhinn (Sweet Lady).  A World of Baby Names  Teresa Norman

Palm side of Hand Cozy

getting creative here...

Vevina Hand Cozy  (this was photographed as a work in progress)

I must add here that this is one of the Cozies that is NOT finished.  There is no flower or adornment as, for some reason, I do feel it still needs something.  The button?  the leaf?  something to be different.

The Button - I was considering either adding a design with embroidery floss to embellish the button itself or COVERING the button with fabric and embroidering a design on the 

      The leaf - it was actually created to embellish a Sunflower (fabric) Cozy.  Both are in the works.  Well. back to WORK.  I just love making these.  It's like playing with a favorite recipe.
Vevina Hand Cozy leaf for thoughts.jfif

the leaf, crocheted

Vevina - Gaelic for sweet lady palm view of hand cozy.jfif
a button for your thoughts on Vevina.jfif

the Button idea...

Palm side of Hand Cozy

Hewney Hand Cozy

Hewney name source.jfif
Hewney Hand Cozy front means green.jfif
Hewney close up of side flower.jfif

(green!!)    I automatically opened to the perfect page in the 575 page big, big book!

Hewney palm side.jfif
Hewney on side to show flowers.jfif
Palm side
    of Hand
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