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Wrap Your Head

     These are perfect for anyone:

  ** automotive

  ** welding

  ** culinary

  ** gardening

  ** hospital staff (doctors/nurses/operating room/delivery room)

  ** sports & in the gym

  ** cleaning services/janitorial/home

  ** JUST TO LOOK CUTE   (growing out layers/hair color)

    Hair style/color transitions stays discreet because you still look great.  These wraps can cover your head or be worn as a headband.

style B  - mid length-2" down neck

style A  - shortie

style Ae  - shortie/enhanced

style C  - extended length

style Ch - child or infant

style D  - welders

style E  - Bow It!

The Tardis - Wrap Your Head

$ 21

The Tardis-Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adornments & Alterations

style A - enhanced

The Gino


The Gino - Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adornments & Alterations
The Gino - Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adornments & Alterations

style Ae - an enhanced shortie

The Gino - Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adornments & Alterations

Style A

Rosie the Riveter - Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adornments & Alterations
Rosie the Riveter - Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adornments & Alterations

  Bow It! $25

Aven - Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adornments & Alterations

style E

A preview of a couple wraps below.  The polka dots and The Tardis are the same pattern.  They are just worn in different ways.

The Seafarer


I have so many more fabrics in the works.

Above I have an honorable mention to Alfred University and Alfred State.   School Colors, that's fun.  Marvel?  Avengers? Harry Potter?  Coffee theme?  Sunflowers?  Flannel? Plaid?  Floral?

My ideas are these, but please feel free to request YOUR own ideas.

The Seafarer - Wrap Your Head from Michele's Adorments & Alterations

style A


style C

Fabric is a soft cotton.  Very comfortable and cool.  Easy to wear.  The durable fabrics that I use make these wraps something you will have for a long time.


Americana in C $18

The fabric as well as the design were a special request of a friend who has owns a welding operation.

He has also requested;

* flame retardant fabric (for his friends who are linemen (oil rigs)

* some sort of covering for his chest and shoulders

* adapt this design to hold Bluetooth earbuds directly over ears

Fleece fabrics are soft, comfortable and will wrap smoothly around your head.  These are built to last.


Americana in D


style D

style C (above) is the improved version


Style D is the first pattern/design for 

welders.  Welders wear a helmet and this absorbs the sweat, a layer that is pretty important for comfort and the extended length of the tail is an added protection from the sparks.  I will add a photo, (asaP) of the back/tail of this design.                               

This pattern, (which is not mine), has a point at the bottom of the tail.




Americana Stars

Made of a soft, flannel fabric.  Ties easily around the voluminous tail.  

The tail is designed to cover the neck and provide a decent protection from welding sparks and the cold/heat.



style C


style A

Fly Fisher - Wrap Your Head

Cotton fabric.  For the fisherman in your life.  Keeps your head cool and covered.


gray plaid headwrap.jpg

style Ae

Gray Plaid   $21

made of a soft, flannel fabric.  


Construction Worker's  - Black


Made of a soft, cotton fabric.  Versatile in uses.

Can be enhanced with the extra sweat liner added to the forehead and crown.

style A


This view shows the

variations in the orange color.

Cotton fabric.


style A

PPE - Orange

(PPE for color)


Color is of extreme importance for SAFETY for many construction workers.  This tail is short.  This style could be enhanced with the sweat absorbing fabric along the forehead and the crown.

It could also have a longer tail.  ANY variation needed is welcome and encouraged.


PPE - Yellow


style A

Bright yellow.  This color was requested by a construction worker.  Made to be seen.   Very airy and cool for summers.

Deers in Plaid  $18


Made of the softest flannel.  Looks nice and it will absorb sweat, too.

style C


American Flag



style C

Like the American themed fabrics (above), this was a special order.  This style, (style C) is preferred as well.  A winner all the way around.  ;)

Any of these styles can be worn like style E - 

upside down!


Gears   $21

style C

A warm, comfortable, flannel fabric to wrap your head in.  This can be worn upside down.


The Avengers - a soft, flannel fabric.

This licensed fabric is a subdued tone but, yes, this could be made with the much more colorful options of fabric. 



style C


Alfred State College

(Alfred,  NY) -

Wrap Your Head



School colors, yes, but for the students who are into culinary, sports, welding, etc, these are perfect.  (Walking around campus is cold, here I am in February so

it's on my mind).  Stay warm, my friends.


style C

Alfred University

(Alfred, NY)

(School Colors)


Ceramics students, athletes, and school fans, alumni all will feel cool and comfortable in these head wraps.

AU left back head wrap.jpg

style C


For the Ladies

The Wrap is the same, it's just worn differently.


Rosie the Riveter   $18

This is a classic fabric, and my FAVORITE, polka dots!!  It is silky.  It is soft.  It wears very comfortably.

This CAN be twisted/narrowed and worn as a headband.

Rosie's hair scarf is actually red with yellow polka dots.  So classic, and you can see why the

Anchor 1

Becca (Retro Ladies Head Wrap)



So sweet and pretty.

This fabric and style is perfect for doing just about anything; going out with the girls, shopping, gardening, cleaning house and STILL looking pretty!!!


Brigid -

Wrap Your Head



Aven - Wrap Your Head



The headwrap just begs to be bowed.  The tie provides such a great opportunity to make a statement of its own.    Sunflowers are universally

a well-liked flower and are quite commonly used as a theme of decorating and in fashions so I think I picked a great combination of elements to feature my new product.


This piece is fantastically versatile in how it would be used.  I'm thinking BRIDES here.  Can you see it??  There are so many wedding themes that this styles lends itself to;  Country, Elegant, Burlesque, Americana, etc.

Pin UP!  Rosie the Riveter if definitely an influence for this style.

(She is the creation of Norman Rockwell featuring the support of women in the workforce for WWII)...a kick-ass chick!  Her headscarf has a simple tie and is red with yellow polka dots).


style E (Bow It!)


Wrap Your Head


Tatum - Wrap Your head from Michele's Adorments & Alterations

style A

Little prints are great for this headwrap.  If you have something more bold in mind, let me know.


Niesha - Wrap Your Head



Yellow with a little white flower print.

Perfect for Spring.  Nice and bright.  This can be twisted up and worn as a headband.

style A


Add a flower to the headwrap.  It could be placed over the ties (or anywhere) on the wrap.  ​

Don't forget...I'm a seamstress.​

Come up with your own ideas...and let me know what the ideas ARE...I'm just the chick to make them.  That's how a good majority of things on this site have "come to be."  Someone needed something and they asked me to make it...or make it BETTER.  So I DID.

     The operative word here is ASKED!


If you don't ASK...right?

   So...ASK.  I'm more than happy to make it.


Nouran -

Wrap Your Head



This fabric is as silky as it looks.  Thus, an elegant look.

(See below - my research and comments on fashion)


style A


Pabla - Wrap Your Head



Feminine - the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this headwrap.

Very pretty.  I only had enough 

fabric to make one of these, maybe 

2.  It also makes

me think about 


A complete look.

Vintage. Class.


style A

Clipped from Vintage Dancer:

1940s Fashion Trends

  • Knee length A-line dresses with puffed shoulders in patriotic colors

  • Plaid A-line skirts with white button down blouses

  • Victory suits: man-tailored skirt and jackets

  • Wide leg, high waisted pants

  • Workwear overalls and jeans created the Rosie the Riveter look

  • Shoes – peep-toe heels, loafers, oxfords, wedge sandals

  • The two-piece bikini debuted

  • Hats, turbans, head scarves, snood and flower clips topped women’s heads

  • Lingerie – seamed stockings, socks, simple bra, girdle, slip and panties 

blue cape4.jpeg

Harini - Wrap Your Head



style C

Capes  - the whole A line look popular in the '40's. Concealing what is underneath creates


      alluring while still being modest...intriguing, yes?

    And, yes, I made this.  And every 

                   flower (the trimming).

Ahhhh....polka dots...what girl doesn't feel truly comfortable in polka dots as she does in her own skin?


Descriptions of Styles

style A - shortie    shortest tail, covers head only, tail pulls into ties with little fabric extending past ties

style Ae - shortie/enhanced  (same design/wearing as style A) with added soft cotton/sweat absorbing fabric sewn across forehead and crown of head

style B - mid-length tailLonger tail covers more of head and neck, does not extend to cover back (center of shoulders)

style C - extended length   extended length of tail.  Tail extends past head to center of back between shoulders.  Tail is 4"-6" from the head.  tail provides extra layer of coverage for added warmth and assists protection from welding sparks

style D - Welders -  style C variation - created with panels to be a fitted look.  Long/pointed tail; 4"-6' length below head. Tail length's purpose, as is for style C, is to assist protection to the wearer's neck from welding sparks. 

style E - Bow It! Tail is longer so that it will be secured by ties.  Ties are designed to become the bow.

style Ch - child or infant size.  Same design as style A but in a smaller size.  Variations are WELCOME.


Head wraps for guys and gals. Retro, construction workers, welders, PPE, school colors.Custom your head wraps with your favorite style, fabric, licensed brands, color or the way you want to wear it.Twist it up and it's a headband, wear it upside down and it's Retro, Rosie the Riveter style; Vintage.

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