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Ring Bearer Pillows

These are custom orders.  Any of them can be reproduced, yes, but please feel free to custom design your own. 

The design can be for your living room or the idea/concept can be a flattened version and it can be framed.  Let YOUR imagination run wild and I'll make it a reality for your decor or occasion. 

Amanda & Isaac's Ring Bearer Pillow.  Their theme was Country/Rustic.  *(But she also wanted pearls to give it some elegance).


With this THEME:

here's a link to the other

items I've made for them.



Ring Bearer Pillow.


When Emily said she wanted to have Sunflowers & Roses

both on the pillow I was a bit reluctant/curious how that would look.  But, truthfully, I love this one so much.

This was obviously made for a someone else but of course I could make it again. 


Actually, I'm making a Flower Ring that is a Sunflower.  (It's a thank you gift for a co-worker -- she gave me some great incense sticks which really jazz me).



Country Roses Ring Bearer Pillow  $55

~9" x 9"

Lacy edges.  Silk ribbon flowers.

The ribbons to hold the rings are in the center of the pillow on the center rings.

Rose buds in the Country Theme from Michele's Adornments & Alterations


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