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Rasta Fashions

It's just a start, now, but I'm very excited to do more.

As always -- as Usual -- I'm open to suggestions, comments and tons of conversation about style, concept.
Rasta Hat, crocheted, instructions for each row and plans of how I decided the pattern Michele's Shop/Rasta Fashions

This first creation, is completely of

my own design


 every stitch and row of pattern is scrutinized and a work of love. 


Every bit of this first piece is tedious, open to be memorized and maybe later changed; the stitches, the patterns, the arrangements, the weight of thread, the pattern of colors.

This page is dedicated to sharing, teaching & Inspiring others to try crocheting.

Only about 5 different stitches are used --  to make this hat and I will show the closeups of how I have planned the pattern and even WHY each stitch and row came together to create this hat.

Please feel free to request/order this hat or any other item from the site.  Ask your own questions, if you wish, via phone text or email.  I'm more than happy to walk you through any step of the process.

Crocheted Slouch

full view of the underside of the band o

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This hat is an unplanned collaborative effort between my mother's work and my own.  Mom's part was the inside of the hat, not shown, and the squares of the band and the area directly above it.  My work is the rest of it.

I had to add to the bottom of the  band that surrounds the forehead.  Some of the colors are a bit different from the other parts of the hat.

I didn't necessarily mind the differences of the colors but as things can be made, why not be different?

example of openness of stitches in white
full broad area of the base and band of

This area is what my mother had

     worked on and she had wished for

       me to finish.  This was a collaborative 


Let me also say that my mother created this pattern as well.  And to be honest, I haven't figured out what this pattern is quite yet.  We do so much of our own thing that she'll have to look at it for a few minutes to remember what she did.  I know this; she did not stay in a continuous direction.  At the end of the row she turned the work as if it were a straight pattern.

The squares my mother made as well.  She had been using that particular pattern to make herself a sweater.  She kills it making a cable knit like it was as simple as doing dishes.

I so enjoyed making this hat.  Every stitch is so pretty, if I may say so myself.  It's solid but the texture is always different and changing.



band base of the white hat, my work_edit


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