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Adult Bibs

Customizable.  Any fabric you would prefer can be used.  Simply ask.  Call/text/email.  It's really that easy.  I can ship the bibs to the recipient and add a nice note or card saying that the bib(s) are from YOU.  A very thoughtful gift at that.

Created to be easily worn,

      stylish and even stain resistant!

(Yes, they are all Scotchgarded).

Nassaria/Adult Bibs/lined/custom made/Scotchgarded/pocket/stylish/Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Adult Bibs

Terrific fabric, isn't it?

Stylish.  Easy to wear.

Nassaria/Adult Bibs/Lined/Scotchgarded/Pocket from Michele's Adornments & Alterations/Adult Bibs

                       No Velcro or loops, buttons or strings to tie.  Roomy enclosure which allows bib to be worn over a coat and won't mess up hair or knock a hat off while putting it on or taking it off.

Pockets are made of a soft, durable fabric that will open slightly when wearer is seated.  The pocket will catch food that would otherwise fall on the wearer's lap.

The pocket was a special request by a (repeat) customer of mine who has suffered from a stroke.


Because the bibs are lined they are very durable, washable and can be re-worn for years.  They are already Scotchgarded so that they are stain resistant.  

Nassaria $25

Kandee $25

The bit of a story behind these bibs:

2 points of view:

Julie, my friend from Manhattan/Jersey

(wears only the most chic clothing possible).  Italian, like myself, we enjoy food and wine and long conversations -- so the meal can take a while.  Feeling it is important to be dressed up for the occasion (and to preserve that look beyond the night out) she prefers to wear a bib, "stylish, please," so she can FULLY enjoy herself.  Julie helped me design the bibs.

        But....the idea came as a knock on the door...."oh, hi, Phil!"

    Phil suffered from a stroke and I've done tons of different projects for him.  He bought some bibs from the nuns. (NUNS are great people....don't believe t.v. and movies).  But the bib he got from them was too narrow and short and had Velcro for an closure.  And he also figured he could use a pocket to catch the food.  So, Viol'a.  The ADULT BIB

was created.

Organic flower print Adult bib so cute.j
Organic flower print close up of pocket.

"The moral of the story..."


Adult Bibs can be worn by anyone who doesn't want to mess up their clothes while they are eating.



Alfonso $25

This fabric is rather unisex, which is nice.  There are so, so many fabrics I have on hand at the moment to get going on the next bibs.

Please....feel free to request a type of fabric or get specific with your selection.   These are great gifts because they are so easily personalized.  

And because they are easy to carry they can go right in a purse or a glove box or under the seat at the car or in a drawer with silverware, etc..  You can always feel prepared to have a good time.

My house if FULL with my the pocket is a 

cuff I made.  It has a crocheted flower on it.  More time in the day to post everything to it's own page would be nice.  In the meantime....I create...and get to the computer as I can.

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