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Fantastic Local Artists

Nuclear Family Cast and Crew

Southern Tier area of NYS.

Here's the link to the play : Nuclear Family
by Ethan Dustin Davidson
Eighth House Studio

Bear with thoughtful look by Legacy Carvings
Bellamy Eagle, Legacy Carvings, 585-596-5764

Find them on Social Media:
   Facebook@Eighth House Studio
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Chelle necklace 4, Mystania Jewelry, Alyx Eddins of Corning, NY
Edith Bee necklace by Mystania Jewelry, Corning, NY 607-329-5889

More on Nuclear Family - please click this link and watch the whole play for free on YouTube.  (For sure you will be entertained!  Alyx (Mags) stole the show!!)

Alyx Eddins, of Mystania Jewelry in Corning, NY is also a terrific little actress.  See her fantastic performance as 'Mags' Smith in the March 2024 production of Nuclear Family.  Her character had "allegedly" killed her parents.  As her actual and very proud and still alive and adoring mother, I could not be more proud of her and actually the whole cast...and crew.

Getting to know a bit of the background of each of the actors in this 2-Act play, I am so touched by the performance as a whole.  How absolutely cathartic. They all have their own stories to draw from and to be fair -- well, they have my full respect all the way around. 

Nuclear Family pics and info

As I post this, finally, 4 months since I've seen this play, I'm still cracking up.  It's supposed to be a tragic story and I guess it is, but my daughter was hysterical.  I so nicely commented to Ethan, the writer, her friend, that he not give up on trying to get this cast back together to finish the REST OF THE STORY.  I adore the "Behind the Scenes" stuff of anything and this particular piece of work has a lot more to say than what was said back in March 2024.

Photos of Cast of Nuclear Family Cast
Closeup of my kid as 'Mags' Smith in Nuclear Family, March 2024
Photos of Cast of Nuclear Family Cast.jfif
Full pic of Nuclear Family program Cast pic
second cast page.jfif
first cast page nuclear family play.jfif
second crew page of Nuclear Family program March 2024
First crew page of Nuclear Family Program

More on Nuclear Family 

first cast page nuclear family play.jfif


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