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& Repairs

I am a seamstress.

I sew.

I create.

I have new ideas all the time -  My own and the ones people have brought to me.

**Adult Bibs

**Head wraps (Wrap Your Head) 


  are just two examples of work that has recently come to me in the past 12 months.  And those ideas have turned into Pages on this site.

Curtains, drapes, yes, I make and/or fix them.

Chair/couch cushions - make/fix/repair.

Palazzo Pants, Capes, summer clothes, etc...all on my list of things to make this (2020) Spring/Summer.

The alterations I do are very precise. 

**Quantity: the one thing I do the most is zippers.  Simply because they SO often have a problem.  I replace the zipper.  It takes literally HOURS, (~5 hours is typical), from start to finish to replace a zipper (in a coat).  Do NOT under estimate the amount of work and talent it takes to Properly replace a zipper.  My pleasure.  Do Not spend the money on replacing the whole garment.  Zippers have problems.  My vendor is amazing - fast delivery and absolute quality.

I replace zippers for anything that can have a zipper or it never had one and I put one in...

You really have to love tedium and lots of time by yourself to do what I do,  Well.  I do.  Love it.  The challenge, too.  I really HAVE been sewing since I was a child.  Important things, too. There is a whole About Me page on this site that I wasn't crazy about having to write but I did it.  So go there if you are so inclined but let it be sufficed to say I love what challenges are brought to me. be perfectly honest's almost 11 pm and I am tired of sitting at a computer filling in redundant information for the SAKE OF GOOGLE, (which is a necessary evil, a complete time-suck so that I will be found with keywords and such).  Years.  It takes years to do all of this behind the scenes stuff, which is NOT my BRAND of creativity, and do it PROPERLY.  Any seamstress worth her salt will HAVE to do things PROPERLY.

I HAVE created all of the things on this site except Tim's carvings and my WONDERFUL Mom's things.  (Proper notations to provide all credit due).

**Hems.  Everyone seems to need a hem in one way or another.  Prom dresses.  Pants. Jeans.  Dress slacks.  Sun dresses.  Military dress blues.  Suit pants.  Slacks.  Asymmetric situations.  Wedding dresses......Oh, my God, yes....BUSTLES.  Layers and layers and layers of tulle and crenoline.  It is not at all uncommon to have Several girls giggling in my kitchen and living room at a time at some stage of preparation for the big night.

There's Lots of fun in this seamstress thing that I do.  Yes, I still work out of my home and it is a very cozy place.  Most folks come and stay for a while but it's always an enjoyable time.  I say "a while" because the fittings sure can take a while and some are not that long at all.  Everyone enjoys their time here.  

Any secrets or stories shared STAY HERE.  I AM EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL and trust-worthy with your tales and tails, (clothing).  Like I say, I enjoy what I do.  My reputation means a lot to me and I am Highly recommended and that means more to me than anyone could know.                                            

Lots of this site has holes.  Holes.

HOLES?  HOLES!  (Unfinished business...Pages, Ideas, lack of text, missing prices, a promise of a 

       SHOPPING CART!!!!

Do you have any IDEA what holes are to a seamstress????  STRESS!!

I only wish I could finish this blasted

website and IT didn't have HOLES.

Take pity, my friends.

"Where are the PICTURES??" You ask...

Lots going on, too, that summer-- personally, professionally and even getting some well-needed fishing in...but the dress was done and quite a success.

Like I say...I'm having Lots of fun and I adore the creativity because --    

That's what it's all about.

      No pictures, true, but she had a great time.  Oh, JoAnna has pictures.  But they are HER pictures.  The dress and the pictures are NOT about me, they are for and ABOUT JoAnna.  I was just glad to be there for her.  To help out.  

I don't even have pictures of the Flapper Dress that I made for JoAnna G last summer.  She saw the article about me in the Cuba Patriot, called me on July 4th and needed a FLAPPER DRESS designed, pattern decided upon, fabric picked out, pattern (PDF) printed, taped and applied to said ordered/purchased fabric.  The pattern needed, of course, first a mock-up for the fitting.  Several fittings later, viola, an absolutely gorgeous dress that was the hit of the evening.  The dress had to be done by July 23rd.  The event was the same weekend as the Balloon Rally (which is always a flop) but for Elliot Ness days in Coudersport, PA.



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