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There is so much more to discover with the medium of felting.  I'm quite impressed with what is possible.  

Without a doubt I will be adding more to this page.  Currently I am working on adding to the 

Consignment Shop PLURAL, pageS!!    And the shopping cart.  Life in Allegany county, NY is unbelievably difficult these days.  A simple shopping trip is NEVER close, or Lord forbid an emergency comes up. And browsing somewhere fun, close and not overpriced is nearly impossible..

     I am absolutely tickled by this guy.

        Not bad for a first felting project, huh?

      This is Colby  -- and PLUS, (below).

       Colby is a yuppie caveman.  PLUS, as in

        "plus one, " ( to bring someone with

          you to a party).

         He is Colby's side-kick.  Every

        man needs a "little buddy."

Toys with

PLUS - "'PLUS' must be spelled in all caps."  He insisted.  And he claims to be his own, "self-made man."  So, I let him have that.

Colby is finished, holding his bone club and stick and hanging out with his good friend, PLUS.

Here is Colby before he was finished with his bone-club and stick.  The sock is behind him for scale.  He is ~5" tall.

Pardon the poor photography.  This should be a situation that is remedied...hopefully, soon.

Here she is:  Presenting...Lilith.  She isn't finished yet.  But, even as a work in progress she's a pretty cute cookie.  (Her hands aren't made yet).  She is standing next to Colby (picture, right).

Cowbunny - another work in progress.

All of these guys are felted.

The pencil is there to show scale.  I'm not exactly sure how I want to finish him/his body.  

Being the good sport that she is, Lilith agreed to this impromptu photo shoot, even though she is in need of some color in a 'bad way.'

Randi the Panda/Squirrel

She's a good girl.  She feels she

     should be busy doing something

          but she's not exactly sure what

             that something is.

side view of Randi, she's ~3" tallish

Randi photobombed the

picture of my honeysuckle.

See how quick she is?  Before I knew it -- she was there.

Peter - The Quail

Gotta love the toes, though.  He DOES love to show them off.

Peter for Toys page -Loranna

Peter is member of my family.  

He has two expressions:  "'Disgusted' & '...What Ever."'

Peter in a moment of folly.  This is his preferred perspective of things, though.



George Harrison III


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