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Non-Traditional Bridal Accessories

I'm Just starting this page, so I apologize for the lack of content QUANTITY.


I can assure you will be here.

Cookie-cutter ideas, HERE,  you will NOT find. 


Frankly, if you want those same, tired ideas go somewhere else.  Call it (the same, tired ideas) "traditional."  Traditional, I am not.

The whole, "been-there, done-that" is certainly out there, but not here.


More on the aforementioned comment; if you have an idea of your own and can't seem to find it, and it may not be here (under construction), JUST ASK ME.

I am a great resource for lots of things:  doing, finding, taking ideas and running with it.  If it can be done any better in some ways, believe me, I'll figure that out, too.

Shawl for Formal Setting

This lovely creation is still in the making.  (5/23/24).  The piece shown here is the back.  The front is very much similar and should have a slight overlap and ties closed with a ribbon.

More pieces similar to this style will be created in the future.  Some will be for a more casual purpose.  Many styles, colors, variations are in the planning stages. 

The inspiration for this piece is a cowl neck sweater  --  completely revamped.

As I work on this piece I also jump out of it to work on the latest Floral Embroidery Hand Cozy.  It too, will include crocheted elements in it's edging and to cover the fingers.  Quite a story of its evolution will be included as it is added to the site.

Which brings me to the other brain-child of the past 6-7 months....the desire to teach all of these lovely techniques.  If you can tie your own shoes you can, most certainly, learn to crochet.

How about a Game??? At the reception!

A treasure hunt???

Take the ideas from the bridal shower and play the games during an intermission break from dancing.  Do it early enough where all the guests are there and can be included.

Game Idea:

  Couples Trivia.  Who knows more about the couple?  But who can add to it or give a different version of the story.  (Rules, this is to be fun, not embarrassing).



In lieu of carrying a bouquet...

     Centuries ago the bride held a mirror, or a small satchel containing a talisman, herbs or tissues.





This lovely flower was a commissioned piece by Deborah, a business owner in California. Deborah creates pillows, draperies and other sundries of home decor.

This flower can be made in any number of sizes, shapes, colors, layers and  depth of petals, flower centers, stamen types, etc.

As an example of  how this flower could be used;

**flower crown

         satin - as is. OR organza/organdy:

**Ring Bearer Pillow

**Bouquet - Non Traditional

                  (Mixing All sorts of flowers like these or Not using flowers at all - use a peacock feather or a little book).

Choker - simple and strikingly pretty.

Ring Bearer Pillow

Sunflower & Roses

Wedding Theme

Another Non-Traditional

means of accessorizing

your wedding.


Flowers that will not wilt or die


Incorporate flowers that can be created in any numerous ways to be befitting in your special day.

  *Headpiece/wreath/veil/hat, etc

  *Adornment on your dress (anywhere).

  *3D flower on any of the stationery used for your wedding (picture to the right or below (mobile version)).

  *Wedding favors with your flower on them.  (Other wedding favors on this page as well....that are NOT traditional).    

YOUR imagination is an amazing thing...use it.

(as Thank You Gifts)

Oriental King on Burlap Wine bag (blackw

Wedding Favors: all sorts; pretty and Unique!!

These guys are "smool."  Favor sized. 


Christmas Theme for

Aunt Teresa...                                               

...but Uncle Jack gets his 

own baby Crown Royal.


The travel size/one off/whatever you call it/tiny sized bottle is cute, for sure, but instead of the booze, you can be creative:


this idea:

how about a personal note or a memory, a fortune cookie, but better!

Now, don't forget the 

Thank You Gifts.

Show your appreciation

to all the folks (& businesses)

that put so much time, effort and expense, travel, stress, phone calls, etc.

Skip the platitudes and blushing for all their love, time and effort and give them something PERSONAL.

They were happy to be there for you but giving them something that is personal -- to them-- is a proper thank you.

The favors can be a whole mix of different bags, notes, mementos.

Same, same, same is the same.

My idea here, at their place cards put a PERSONAL MOMENTO.

Even if some people get a range of  similar favors and only a few get something absolutely unique only unto what they understand,you've at least made the gesture INTERESTING.  Just like a Christmas gift, you are giving back and saying thanks for sharing this day with us.  Take this opportunity to make the favor special. 

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