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Smart Fashions

Since NECESSITY truly IS the Mother of INVENTION - and "wouldn't it be nice if........(x)....was actually out there?"  

Well, yes, it is and will be out there if **I** can help it.   So, the following pages are filled with what I've done to fill in those much needed particulars things.


It is entirely satisfying for me to find the answers to these situations/needs. But, yes, I absolutely adore creating.  And when it's something that MAKES SENSE....I HAVE TO CREATE IT. 


Lots of the ideas and creations were ideas brought to me by people who knew I could come up with a solution to a need that THEY, personally have.

If ***YOU, my dear*** have any ideas....bring it!!!  I'd love to hear any and all comments and ideas/new thoughts/inventions.

Heck, if you're in the middle of a project or want to start one on your own....power to you...and you need help/suggestions/ideas, etc and you would like some help, let me know...I'd be more than happy to help.  No charge, just encouragement, suggestions, resources from one happy creator to another.

Text/call/video: 315-941-5563.

Phil is a repeat customer.  He came to me, time and time again with ideas/needs.  The following is one example of a need fulfilled.

(ie. Phil needed an adult bib that would not only be wider and longer than the one he had purchased but it would also have a pocket that opens and can collect the food he drops so that his shirt and pants can stay clean.  But he also needed it to look not so much like a bib that attracts attention to his uncontrollable mishaps would be an easy wash and re-wear but stain resistant).


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