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Please, please see these plain headbands as I see them....a work in progress.  Which is what they ARE.


Once they are a completed piece each one will be nothing BUT Spectacular.

Total POP!!!  Stunning!!  A creation worth Envying, for Absolutely SURE.  Why would I bother to make anything else??  Go see my Gorgeous Slouchy Hats page.  That's exactly what I am working on there.  The BEFORE/AFTER is remarkable.

Ethyl headband
These, as they are $15/each.  Once they are UPgraded....the prices will be adjusted accordingly.
Damiana headband
Some of these headbands are, clearly, not finished!!!  But, I'd rather get them on the site, even unfinished, to begin showcasing them.

This particular headband will probably have a large flower made for it.  In keeping with my "versatile" theme I will remove the stitches and the headband can be worn either completely open and flat or worn with the flowers or whatever I (or YOU) have decided upon or designed.

I love grand or simple ideas.  Custom designs are MORE THAN WELCOME!
Helen headband
helen flowered hb front is sewn will have a flower embellishment.jpg
helen flowered hb left side.jpg

stitches are here to show where cinching will be/optional...they will be removed when an addition is created....

Marika Headband

Again, the stitches are holding the fabric temporarily...I'm open to ideas, most likely I'll create something fabulous for cinching the fabric--which will most likely be movable/removable with options to switch out for different styles/moods.

Florence Headband
Organdy fabrics keep this style cool to wear.  
Olena Headband

Elastic is in the piece of fabric in the back so that the size will naturally adjust and be comfortable.

Raakel Headband
The fabric is only folded to show that it can be folded or be left worn to full width of size.  The fabric can be twisted so that can be worn with a different look.  Adding any sort of flower/fabric (scrunched, perhaps) to the center is an option.  If you have an idea that you would like me to make for this headband I am more than happy to make it.  I will be making all sorts options to add to these headbands.
Vada Headband
This is a thinner version and obviously longer as well from most of the headbands I have here.  It can be worn, obviously, less wrapped or as an accent piece in other areas.
Other ideas:  wrap it around your wrist, bicep, ankle, waist, neck, etc.

It could be bunched up into a pocket and appear to be a handkerchief.

Personally, I like to twist these long pieces to create a flower, (tightly for the center and wrap it around itself) which is quite easy to do.  Secure the beginning, ending, and other bits in wrap if need be.  Attach the flower to another headband, jacket, hat, etc...get the idea???
Talin Headband
Magdala Headband
Zoey Headband
Zoe headband front view.jpg
Joni Headband
Joni front view of headband dect on front.jpg

This can be scrunched narrower or pulled open like this.  The material isn't stiff.  Nor is this a single layer of thin fabric.

Joni hb right side of hb replaces Sabine.jpg
Here is a great example of "cinching" these headbands.  A simple but pretty piece of fabric is eye-catching and takes this one from being just a "country" look or too plain.  Black with white polka dots would be a cute addition as well.  My opinion.
Effie Headband
front view of headband Ruby.jpg
straight on view of Nyx headband tied in front.jpg
Nyx headband back view is tied on head.jpg
Andie Headband
side view of Quinn hb.jpg
Marcella Headband


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