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Bunnies, Llamas,

& a Possum, oh My!

These bunnies were made for My niece and nephews last Christmas.

I hope you enjoy them.

Please feel free to come up with your own ideas of a design; bunnies, llamas or any other ideas you have.  Thanks, enjoy!

$35 each for the bunnies as they are. 

Austin's Bunny

talking fluffy bunny Austin's.jpg

I make my own stuffing from material scraps.  The final size of the "cuts" are roughly the size of a lady bug.  This ensures that the stuffing won't bunch, clump or settle unevenly.

They are made to be "loved on" for years.  Hand washing is recommended. 

a bit of a sidee view of Austin's bunny.jpg

Since I keep the patterns for everything I make I can recreate the bunnies in a mockup so I can make clothes and accessories for them as the need or request arises.

Accessories I'm thinking of off-hand:

** Hats

** Coats

** Shoes

** Hockey stick, baseball bat, etc

** Basket of Flowers

     (use Your imagination, I've got it from there).

This Fluffy Bunny was made 

for my niece, Austin. She was 

just 8 months old at last

Christmas so she got one that was

not only cuddly but tactile/soft

AND she would be able to remove

his clothing and put it back on again.  

it's a bit of a back sidee view of Austin's bunny ;].jpg
the back of Austin's fluffy bunny.jpg
sweater on Jack's bunny.jpg

Jack's Bunny

I made this sweater for this bunny.  It feels like yesterday when I made his mommy, Danielle, my niece, a full set of crocheted clothing for the baby Ernie (Sesame Street) I got her.  My sister tells me it was her favorite thing to do; to tear its clothes off and put them back on.  Ernie got a sweater and scarf and a hat and pants. I can do those options for the bunny, too, if you like.  It takes some time so there would be the extra time and cost but these kinds of personalized gifts are usually the most cherished.  Just so you know...other options for clothing are less time and money and give more options all around.

sidee view of Jack's bunny done with sweater.jpg
unfinished backpack for Jack's bunny.jpg
another great closeup of Jack's bunny's bag.jfif

The pouch didn't get a flap for the top.  It was kept simple 

and left open.  My nephew, Jack, (at this time) is 6 months old. I'm sure he will enjoy the colors and snuggling just fine with this bunny.

one strap showing of backpack of Patrick's bunny.jpg
Patrick's bunny done before the backpack.jpg

Patrick's Bunny.

This bunny is wearing Marvel Characters fabric for his vest.  You can see the backpack strap on his left shoulder.  Patrick is extremely intelligent so the backpack WITH a notebook in it was very appropriate for this kid, for sure.

little note book for backpack Patrick bunny.jpg
backpack on Patrick's bunny.jpg

The backpack for Patrick's bunny.

Black denim in keeping with the color scheme.

Here's the notebook I made for Patrick's bunny.  The pen is used for scale and to show the "paper" inside.  The "paper" is fabric so that it's durable. The notebook fits inside the backpack.  Since this is for a relative and wasn't, at first, created for selling, I didn't take the picture of the notebook sticking out a bit.  But you get the idea.

Lucas's Bunny

Lucas's grandfather and uncles are hunters.  So true to form this bunny should be clothed in Camo.  I don't have the full jacket in the picture but the two sides are matching. I didn't make a backpack for this little guy.

Lucas's bunny in camo wearing half.jpg
back of Luca's bunny camo.jpg

This is the back of the jacket.  I just texted Danielle to see if I could get pics from her of the kids with their bunnies.  And I asked her if I made the bunnies any backpacks or accessories for them.

In the land of...

Bunny Beginnings

I've really enjoyed creating these little bunnies for the kids.  I'm sure they're going to be great companions to the kids for years.  And hopefully for their children as well.

I had them sitting with me watching tv for the longest time.  There was a lot of hand sewing and stuffing and more hand sewing so they were with me for a bit, for sure and I so enjoyed them.  I make my own stuffing, too.  I cut up my fabric scraps into tiny pieces and use them.  They will hold up so much more firmly than anything using that junk, Polyfill.  I make sure everything I make is durable to be loved for a LONG time.  Take care, folks. 

Please feel free to ask me to make whatever you would like for yourself or your family members.  I so LOVE what I do so it's my absolute pleasure.  Love to all.  ;)

2 bunnies started.jpg
Bunny fluffy stuffed ready for arms.jpg
one of the bunnies started.jpg
2 bunnies.jpg
fluffy bunny front sitting.jpg
Blue bunny beginnings and wearing my glasses.jfif
3 bunnies started.jpg

oKi-dOki...a YEAR later...

More babies &

more bunnies

Evelyn's Bunny

Evie's Bunner Fly.png
As a matter of pride I want to mention much I wish I could post pictures of the babies in my family, them playing with the bunnies, etc, but we are venomously protective of these kids.  They really ARE that gorgeous.  Cripes.  

Although they post on Facebook, 
I don't know...maybe it's a "generation
thing" I guess I don't understand.  The nap after my 4 am shift makes me think too much, perhaps?
back of Evelyn's bunny jacket.jpg
Evelyn is such a "personality" in herself.  Sonograms don't lie.  Knowing what we knew about her already this bunny and her attire is completely befitting to her liking.

Now, as a quite fashionable 5 month old, she is taken with all that is "only the best."  The brighter tones do not match her parents' more muted hues of whites and grays, a monotone pallet, yes.  But she will be her own person and this butterfly theme is in keeping with what a butterfly 

My personal tastes love a good cape or shawl.  Accessories completely make the outfit regardless of how basic or elaborate the rest of the attire may or may not be.  

Being able to dress/undress her bunny easily is all part of the design and purpose. More clothing and accessories will be made for her bunny at a later date and photos will be added at that time.
Austin's Bunny (#2)
I knew she'd love it and she does.  
Such a pretty little thing, isn't she?
An easy to carry-around friend.
bunny for Andy with different lighting a

Andy's Bunny

Andy is one of our newest additions to our growing family.

The bunny is crocheted with long stitches. The ears are long and wide his hairs are small and thin to help develop motor skills.  He's full but not firm so that he's easy to sleep with.  The stuffing is contained in an enclosed sack so that he's easily washable.

Is he a bunny or a dog??  He's a bunny but he's a curiously looking sort...which helps the imagination and he really is a unique creation.
If you would like a bunny like this or if you have other ideas for color, texture, design, etc, just let me know.  I'm open and able to create that, too.


Loranna - She's The Start of It All

another front view of Loranna to see her eyes.jfif
looks like Loranna is hugging up on Tim's carving side view inside shot.jfif
inside shot of Loranna with another front view of face and eyes.jfif

History - I made Loranna in 2010. Hmmmm...let's see...that's way before Llamas were such a largely sold commercial item more recently.  I would laugh at those very basic looking things.  I'm trying to be kind here. 

Loranna is even an important member of our family.  Truly.  My kids have always shown her off to their friends when they came over.  And Peter.  I made Peter the same summer; 2010.  

Everyone loves the disgusted look on her face.  Sultry eyes. ETC

She is ALL of that.  Aren't we all.  All of it.  She holds are inside feelings on her outside.  OIY!  Anyhow.  She sleeps with me.  She and Teresa. Teresa is my doll that I've had since I was 7 or 8.

And, regardless of married/babies sleeping in the bed with us or whatever life brings; eternal laundry, etc.  Loranna and Teresa are on the bed.  Except to come out to be on display for the friends.

front view of both eyes of Loranna outside.jfif
Loranna from the back.jfif
Loranna inside with a side view.jfif

Peter -- The Quail

Mia side view done with wings.jpg
flower of Mia.jpg

Mia - 

She belongs to my 22 year old daughter.  I made her and Margo (a lovely ladybug), her sidekick, just last year.  Like I mentioned (actually below with Loranna's entry/history), Loranna is a part of the family.  She really is.  So to make a version of Loranna for Aubrey was particularly an honor to pass on.  But so that Mia would not be left on the bed and not Presented EVERY day I had to make her a stand.  And this particular stand has wings.  Why stand when you can fly.  And she can and does fly with her "fren, buddy & Main Chick", Margo.

Mia side view.jpg
Mia to the side, head bowed.jfif
Mia with Margo hanging out.jfif


Margo- A Ladybug 

Margo is Mia's buddy, fren (friend), sidekick.  Every "personality" or character that I make, I believe, needs a sidekick.  Both are pretty, both can fly and are sensitive souls.  I love to create a "bio" for each one, too.

Just being Margo.jfif
do i have this pic of Margo.jfif
Just gotta say it...I don't really like all all..png
working on Margo Ladybug.jpg
See?  This, I appreciate.  How can you not??
Margo's body is made of red velvet. See the fabric for her wings in the corner of the pic?
side view of Margo Ladybug.jpg

Possum - "The Baby"

My daughter, having already received Mia and Margo, had a request of her own.  A possum.  Felted to ensure detail and sculpted to the detail that she felt was important, EYES, HANDS & NOSE.

Probably guarding the remote under the tv, The Baby on guard duty.jfif
In the deep, dark corners of the room, ready to strike, is The Baby, on guard.jfif
"The Baby" is a perfect guard dog.  She sits crouched in the corner or under the tv, protecting...the tv remote.
Now, just kickin back at the end of a long, hard day, The Baby and Octavie.jfif
The back of The Baby, showing off her true colors.jfif
"The Baby" hanging out with her friend, a long time fren of the family, Octavvie.
The Baby, on Watch, with her fren, Octavie wearing her gauntlets.jfif
To explain the coloring on her back...
My daughter, Aubrey, is as eccentric as her mom, thank God. This possum was a request of hers.  Enter: some artistic license.  The patina'd blend of colors to her back.  Aubrey ("Alyx" to her friends), cherishes her babies (above) and appreciates their uniqueness.  Aubrey makes jewelry from animal's bones.  With their deaths she keeps a part of them alive.  Yeah, that's all a  side note.  But this is my site and I can brag anywhere I want. The metallic theme is brought in here, also what she incorporates into her jewelry.  I'm so proud of her.


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