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Payments: cash or checks.  Simply call me: 315-941-5563 and place your order...most items are/were already discussed as custom designs. 

As of 6/25/22 I have officially changed the name of the business from:

Michele's Adornments & Alterations/


                      Michele's Shop/


Both links/names are active for a year so that I would still be easily found.

**Now--more of my own merchandise.  I'm thrilled to offer these new accessories, toys and ideas.   

New Name

**I will still do alterations but probably not as often as I am not working out a permanent location AT THIS TIME.

I am hoping that by the Fall of 2022 the new location for

Michele's Shop will house separate areas for

*The Shop,

   My merchandise


   appointment setting, fitting rooms,

    mirrors/family & guest seating

*The Workshop 

   sewing center/design area & classes on all 

    sorts of talents and skills - (suggestions are 


Every item in the Consignment Shop is of the highest quality, in fashion, in tact, graciously given and gently worn if not absolutely brand new.

Donations to the Shop were either "no strings/no contract," purchased by me or I have an agreement to give the donating party 1/2 of the purchasing price once the item is sold.

Returns are welcome.  Alterations can be made by me if the buyer is local and further adjustments can be made.

I don't feel comfortable doing alterations to this clothing unless I see how they will be perfect with a fitting.


Feeling Original??  Good.  

I'm all for that.  I can help you with that, too.  Some things.  Not everything.  But I certainly will try.

Last year (2021) while I was living in SC, my two co-workers asked me to make their tiny children costumes.  My Pleasure, right???

Surprisingly--Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm.

(From The Flintstones cartoon, they were Fred and Barney's kids, (babies).  Later the kids had their own show as teenagers, they had a band, etc.).

Pebbles - actually the dress was the cut of Wilma's, (her mother's dress or hers as a teenager. Which was okay because otherwise, baby Pebbles only wore a t-shirt and diaper). I made the bow (bone) for her piggy tail on top and a bone for her bodice of her dress and I made a jagged ruffle for her socks.  

Bamm-Bamm's Costume was the whole sha-beel.

His mom wanted the tiny hat, the shoulder strap, the shorts, the socks and the club.  It turned out great.

Pebbles Flintstone for Costume.jfif
Bamm-Bamm Rubble.jfif
Contact Me

Thanks for submitting!

Interesting facts:

X-Mas, the origin of the usage, which was comforting to learn, is actually on...

I accept checks and money orders. Payable to Michele Mowrer. 

Of course I accept cash.

Installments of payments are allowed and usually would be agreed upon before the commencement of work or ordering of supplies, if need be.

Deposits may be requested at the onset of project in order to have funds to purchase supplies for the project or because of the size of the project to show serious intent of receiving the finished goods.

I am very easy to work with in all manner of business.  Absolutely any terms and questions will be answered so please, don't hesitate to ask for all terms and including that of delivery times and any estimates.  Changes in work are welcome, too.  Please understand the limitations to any/all requests.  I always try to satisfy my customers and never, to date, has ANYONE ever been an unsatisfied customer of my businesses.

God Bless.

Gift certificates

are available.

Simply call for details if you have any questions or you would like the certificate/credit to look or be presented in a certain way.

Have an awesome day. 

God Bless.


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