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Sorry there's no text yet but I was so excited to add these pictures.

My site has been down for over a time, busy creating and mending for you guys, and thanks for the business, but as the artist that I showcase on my very unique creation.

Here's pics!!  Sorry, no text yet.  Hopefully you'll share my excitement about them.  And, please, tell your friends.

Each flower is it's own personality and would compliment an array of different tastes of wardrobe companions. 

Accessories....was I kidding? YOU are unique and I'm sure your closet is a hodge-podge of moods and memories and either fun and/or necessary clothing.   

Accessories complete the mood and sometimes without the accessories the whole thing falls flat.  Like spices to a meal. 

Mostly what I love about creating these are the fact that they are a completely VERSATILE accessory.  Wear it on your hand OR on your Toe....OR on your ***wrist OR worn as an anklet...

***If you want to wear it as a bracelet or anklet, just let me know that the piece is desired to be adaptable in that way......then, of course, we design a bracelet as well.....FUN!!!!

Or the Flower Ring/Toe Ring is worn as a hair accessory....or pinned to a scarf or a coat or your purse, ETC.

Flower Rings

& Toe Rings

This page is being "built" so this is just really some, not yet all, of these little beauties.....text will be added later, sorry.  ALL of the pages of the site will be filled, promise.    Hope you love this all so far!!!


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