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Here you see the details of the applique 

and the crinoline. The cluster of beads create a subtle and dimensional bling.

This is Carrie's own design.  She knew 

what elements she wanted in her bridal 

headpiece and I made it a reality for her.

Feathers, applique, beads and fringe.

This piece will be just as pretty worn on the wedding day and later, behind glass in a shadow box of other wedding day


The pen is here for scale.  This is a final

picture I had sent to Carrie to show her

the piece as it was being created, but 

here, it is finished.

Burlap was one of the

elements she requested. 

Yes, burlap

can be used in an 

elegant piece.

Bridal Headpieces

Prices are not listed on this page.

I usually have custom orders made to suit every need and I deal with every situation, no one is ever disappointed or ever, ever cheated or gouged.  I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Jane's Headband

Jane is a re-occurring customer.

She is a sweetheart, community-minded and very shy.  She attends tea party/fund raisers in Long Island mansions.  For this particular occasion Jane is wearing her red dress and wanted the headband to be a simple, elegant and a versatile piece that she would also be able to wear again with other ensembles.  $35

A simple cluster of Mini Magnolias, Jane's favorite flower.

The flowers are made of silk ribbon.

Magnolia Headband for Jane
Andrea's Headpiece

This is Andrea's design.  She lives in Georgia and I live in NY.  We simply communicated by phone and texting and emailing. She explained what she wanted and I made it.


Andrea had a wedding theme in mind: Rustic & Elegance.  She sure got it.  The piece above is her Ring Bearer Pillow and the piece to the right is Isaac's boutonniere.

Kinsley Hair Accessory

This piece was created, of my own design the month prior to Carrie's phone call requesting her piece.  

Ericka & Lillah

Ericka was the bride.

Lillah is Ericka's 3 year old daughter and would be the flower girl.  The wedding was to be a small and intimate occasion.

  They live in Georgia.  I live in Upstate NY.  Phone calls and texting pictures was the way we communicated.  

The pictures you see on the pink covered mannequin head are the finished products and the pictures below are the pics I sent, via text, to Ericka for her approval.  You can see how some elements were culled out and sizes were also changed.  Baby's breath 

was one element that she really had                           her heart set on and I                           told her I could                                       certainly          


that request.  (Shipping was the issue, just a little more care.  AND I told her not to touch it too much prior to the wedding so that it won't break any more than would naturally happen.  This is true baby's breath, not something from a craft store).

These photos are of the "work in progress" as I had sent them to Ericka for her approval.  Some flowers were preferred and some sizes were changed, etc.

Aubrey, The Grand Crown

This piece, is admittedly, is my absolute favorite.  The shape/contour of the design allows it to be worn in various ways.

      It can be worn as a headband or up on the top of the head as a crown.

I intended the shape to mimic that of

angels' wings.  A variation of this design could be either broader or narrower arches to this design.


In the piece below, a brides maid piece, it is simply the same design although the headband is a puffier design and not arched.  The flowers are made of the wedding theme colors and the flowers are slightly different and larger. 


A closeup of the rosettes in the center.

To note; any alteration of this design is welcome to make it our own.


Clara Headband  -- this piece is a variation of this design, just a simple, centered set of rosettes.  This piece could also be appropriate for wearing any day, with any outfit.  I do love the versatility of my work.

Every petal is a set of two separate ribbons.  This is very time consuming.  I say this just so you are aware of the LOVE I put into every piece.  I LOVED every tedious moment of making this design.  There are well over 100 petals in this piece alone. 

(Worn by the bride.  This is designed as a set for the whole bridal party although it can be for anyone you choose to wear it.

Lindsey, the Brides 
Maid's Accessory








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