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Hand Sculptures

The hand is constructed with wire and firmly secured to the weighted base so that it can be bent/shaped to hold jewelry (or anything).  Inside of the base is a wind-up music box.

More hand sculptures will be added as soon as I can get to finishing them.

This creation is a joint effort...ha on words....joint...hand...

Anyhow...the bases are created with a lathe, which is not  mine.  

Inside the bases are music boxes with very pretty tunes - classics, anime movie themes.

I have created them out of necessity for needing to display my flower rings and why not make the hand myself...

And why not make the weighted base myself...out of wood....taller....more functional and interesting...hmmm...
the shape to be interesting...with a purpose that is functional AND PRETTY, TOO...


That is heavy enough to bend and move to hold something in the palm not just the finger which DISPLAYS THE RING.

So....there's the thinking process and the reason...I've made these hands.

The rest are very pretty, too.

It'll make sense once you see it.  
A bit odd, yes.  And I am, too.  But my mind is open to a lot of different ideas, conventional, strange, useful, helpful, OUT OF THE BOX.

But if I weren't able to think OUT OF THE BOX as I do, which is outrageous to some but completely normal and necessary for me....I wouldn't be able to do what I do and be who I am and be of service to YOU...
to make you happy.  That's it.


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