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Note Pad

My thoughts, if you care to hear them.  And, please comment.

I feel that if something is written or said it should be worth being heard and even to be said for positive reasons.  Teaching IS learning.  Everything is perspective and interpretation.  Giving and receiving.  Appreciated or an interruption of your own thoughts.  A gift or a waste of your time.  What we give or take from each other, I feel should ADD to their day and make things better.

And...leaving well enough alone.  When the time is right the information, commentary, story, instruction, kiss, hug, hello's and goodbye's all come only in the perfect time....which is when it's ready to be received openly.

Well. Now that my battery is dying and I have to go do laundry that also will dictate how this page will have to be continued for another time.

But, this page is dedicated to putting down my latest thoughts of things I want to create, things I've tried and used or maybe not used and why in my journey of learning and teaching and hopefully ADDING to your day.

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