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Real World Updates....Get REDPILLED!!!

The Cabal is going down.  Five words that may or may not mean anything to you on this date of 11/10/2021 but to those of us who are quite aware of the Great Awakening we are Thrilled.

The MSM is going down soon.  John Durham's report is coming out. 

Go To Telegram.  It's an app on your phone or desktop.  Do not go to Playstore to get the app.  Use Duck Duck Go, first of all, as your web browser.  Search Telegram and download it directly from their own site!!  Yes, it's a messenger app.  Go search these words:

D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases) 

Adrenochrome - (this will make you sick, sorry, these are the facts that will come to light)

RV - (our dollar will be revaluated - backed by gold)



One World Government (a BAD thing - it will be stopped by the White Hats who ARE in full control (basically Trump and his gang)

On Telegram:  WHO to follow:

Charlie Ward

Official Simon Parkes

David Nino Rodriguez

Mel K

Nicholas Veniamen

Delora OBrien

Literally, take notes.  THEY WILL INSIST YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.  So much is going to be changing in our ENTIRE WORLD in the next few days and in the next few months like NOTHING WE'VE EVER LIVED THROUGH.

Times will get tougher.  But this is the big storm necessary to get us to the next steps.  Lots of "deaths" and "arrests" and people of influence are "getting sick" or "stepping down." 

Obviously, yes, Q and QFS and Q Anon are all real things and groups who ARE legitimate and where you want to pay close attention to.  FOLLOW GOD.  I say those words all very specifically.

God Bless....I've got tons to do to get this life/service to humanity/business going in the RIGHT direction.

Love to all.    Clean your Pineal gland.  Get your moral compass in the right direction.  Be good.  Great things will be happening and ARE happening for OUR GREATER GOOD.

The RED PILL!!!  2/4/21

After the Super Bowl this weekend a lot of people are going to be woken up to what's really going on in this world.  And what has been going on under our noses....The Black Hat's Plan was to wipe most of us off the face of this Earth and create the whole new/sick world with THE GREAT RESET (socio/political and mainly economic rebuilding of this world by evil people).  

Yes, this IS relevant to this WEBsite/business--Particularly since I am a Conservative, Catholic of those...

Capitalists..."Deplorables" I have been digitally blocked."  And I think and do for myself.  I've been blocked off of social media, like Trump, Parler, etc.  Google, Facebook, Twitter....block those who don't comply with their I don't go there.  Duck duck Go, Signal, Telegram, Bit Chute and  Rumble are for the White Hats (the good guys) and where I spend a lot of time lately.  Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Doug Billings (The Right Side) and many other GOOD PEOPLE who know the truth of things are helping me keep my sanity.  I'm making a lot of new products, "Merch" the kids call it these days.  I am extremely proud of my new creations.  'Puter Paws: (just for your right hand to keep it warm while you use the computer mouse and still need to type for hours like I do). I got sick of my right hand getting cold while I work on this side of the business; promotion, marketing, research on the computer.  And I hate this part, to tell you the truth (the computer stuff). 

Leg Warmers are practical and can be really adorable and since I'm from NY which is cold 8 months of the year they make sense.  And with my imagination they will be the most adorable thing you've seen in a long time.  Versatile, cute, sexy, practical, easy to wear, easy to remove and probably have pockets and such.  So, since I don't have time for a blog and I desperately need to reach out to all the good people of the world, here's my opportunity.  Anyone who knows me will know I am NOT afraid of anything because I have GOD.  Period.

To order or contact me: please use Signal for private phone calls, texting and video chat.  Signal is an app through Google Play, Lord, help us.  Sign up.  Contact me directly to order, call, chat and find out what's really going on.  God Bless.  And don't be afraid. 

God's got this.  You will be fine.  Trump is in charge, yes, indirectly right now.  Actually the US military has been running things for over a year.  Like the idea of no income taxes? no interest on anything unless it's new (17%)?  No IRS?  Yeah, that's the plan, baby.   

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