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"See a need and fill it."...(below)

Under Construction/No Online Orders...because

Shawl on table for HOME page_edited.jpg

This is the back of the shawl.  The front is currently being created.  It will have a slight cross-over section and tie closed with ribbon.  Similar styles will be created in this fashion.  Stay tuned for more!!!


Alterations are back!!
7802 Route 417  Bolivar, NY
For appointments, please call: 315-941-5563.
Michele's Art & Apparel

The completed Slouchy Hats are on the top of the page.  I've always intended to create these adorable hats to be adorned properly.  Fully customizable from start to finish as with Anything I would create for you.

The first of many. Mind you, this hat took months to create.  I do not follow someone's patterns to ANY degree. More details, obviously, on the new page.

While "building" the Rasta Hat
(only using my own planning &
patterns), the thought naturally occurred that I should bring you into how & WHY I choose every bit of the creation.  This is Super-Great advice that I wish I'd had decades ago.  Please be patient with the progress of this page.  Please offer your own advice and comments!!!  Everyone's thoughts added are only a PLUS and appreciated.

Consignment Shop.  Future plans of getting these great finds into my own brick'n'morter will be soon.

straight on view of Nyx headband tied in front.jpg

Wonderful selection of headbands.  Wear them as they are, wide and beautiful or adorned with my flowers.

This is Edith.  She is 
a Pretty Bee on a
gilded spoon.
I'm featuring
my beautiful 
creations - on her
very own page.
She's quite talented.
Check out her work. 
She, like myself, is easy to work
with and open to making
custom designs.

Chelle necklace 4

Nuclear Family - Mags Smith

Imogene hb bw pd with solid black front view.jpg
Hand Cozy

Keeps your hand warm while

you're using a mouse

or...anytime.  (Just "Right" or

for both hands if you wish).

Slouches - adorable, customized hats.  Lined or

not. I will probably add a brim to the next set.


These are gorgeous.  Very elaborate or very simple.

Adult Bibs fashionable, washable, pocket and stainproof.
Wrap Your Head-head wraps for guys, gals and babies!
Hand Sculptures

These are actually to display my Flower Rings.  Very unique.

The base of them is also a music box.  Quite a feat of design, I must say.


Marionette Puppets

George Harrison III  (not for sale)

Madeline Abraham   (see below)

starting with the same beginnings as George, she is a work in progress and "a piece of work"/whimsical.  I'm open to suggestions on any kind of marionette you would like.  This is new for me, so we'll see how it works out. 

elese flower side.jpg

Tatted Wine Bag.  Gorgeous.

Gorgeous Wine bag by Michele's Art & Apparel

Just one of the many

 Wine Bags. 

 You can design it, I'll make it.  These, in miniature, are perfect for wedding favors.  They will fit YOUR theme and be MEANINGFUL


blue cape4.jpeg

Truly lovely. This one is made from Luxe Fleece.  Each individual flower (hood and pocket embellishments) are handmade by me as well.  Customize your own design and I will be happy to make it for you.


One of the twenty mini corsages made for the members of the Key Note Chorus, (Portville, NY). For their Spring concert, ~2013).



Madeline on home page
Posing Madeline.jpg

FROM this 

Madeline standing.jfif

      To THIS...
  certainly not the end...but she's a
work in PROGRESS

See all the steps in between. Of course, she is not done yet.  (10/10/22)  But, she is a trip!  Hair, actual skin color, painted nails, etc.  Oh, Ma'Dame is wonderful. 

George in his finest.jpg

Both Marionettes ~12" tall.

This is George Harrison, III.

He's my marionette puppet.  

My daughter named him.  She's the chick (BELOW) in the Bubblegum headband. 

He's wearing one of the headbands I've recently made.  

Randi  - The Panda-Squirrel - photobombing my honeysuckle picture.
Randi -
The Panda-Squirrel.

Usually, she's very well-behaved but she has her she's photo-bombing the picture of my honeysuckle.
She's felted and I'm very attached
to her.  She's my first attempt at felting.  I have more very cute 
felted creations as well.  She is ~3" tall. 
blue cape.jpeg

Capes.  I take what I do very seriously.

I can also work more minimally on a piece if that's what is called for.

rasta hat full view with glasses for scale.jpg

Rasta Hats-- 
Rasta Fashions

The longer, striped hat (above) was inspired by my beautiful daughter, Alyx Eddins (pictured on the right)She proudly wears dreads and like her mom, is making her mark on the world she lives in.  Blessed with big hair and it's challenges this hat is perfect in keeping the style well fashioned.  

Know WHAT it is you want...first.
Then how to go about it.  
You can call me and ask questions or schedule an appointment if you would like some help with your project.
Organic flower print Adult bib so cute_e

Adult Bibs - stylish, easy to wear and wash - (Scotchgarded so that they are stain-resistant) and a pocket to catch dropped food.  Easily customizable  - fabric/size, etc.


Mom's work,  This adorable hat is crochetedBoho. Definitely could be as is or add flowers.

3D Invitations

Whatever your theme for your special occasion, these personalized invitations not only give your special guests a sneak-peek but a keepsake of their own to treasure.

Red Silk Ribbon Rose on 3D bridal invitation by

Flower Rings/Toe Rings

This is one of those accessories that can be truly YOUR own design.

     Perfect for coordinating your bridal parties accessories...and certainly one that can be worn everyday as well.

Versatile!!   Have a variety of them to accessorize every occasion.


School colors are a great idea...

This is Saint Bonaventure's University (Allegany, NY) colors, for example.  

Flower Ring from Michele's Adornments & Alterations in school colors St Bonaventure, Allegany, NY

Avilla-this wrap is

Rosie the Riveter inspired.  It has a large bow.  All of my pieces are completely customizable.

Men's & Ladies and children's sizes available.  Fireproof fabric or longer tails for welders are also options.

"See a Need and Fill It"...that's my constant duty and I Love what I do.  There isn't probably too much more out there in this world that I feel is more satisfying. others enjoy the fruits of life, what more can we do?

   Again, with God's gifts, we do what we can, in the most positive way and....just DO.  This is what I do.  Enjoy.  

I hope I can help you.  Thanks for visiting my site.

Under Construction/No Online Orders...because

While the site is under constant construction and I am the ONLY person conducting every aspect of this business, there are Constantly bits and pieces here and there that are not perfect.  My focus is really on the creation of each piece and when I can get the chance to, I post the items on the site.  Google is after me constantly to add or subtract coding to my site and there just isn't enough time in the day to do all of that.  As a creative person, my focus is in CREATING.  Or marketing--on foot.  

I don't want to sell online....because what I really want you to ask me to make you something YOU want.  I'll make it and send it.  I have tons of merchandise in stock, yes, you can buy pretty buy much anything you see on the site.  I'll gladly take payment and mail it out to you. Truthfully, that rarely happens.  Mostly, and successfully so for all involved, I make custom orders and that's what is sold.  Have a question? ask me.  Does the site have lots of "missing pieces?" yes.  Does that frustrate me? yes.  Everything about presentation matters.  Mine.  Yours.  Cinderella didn't have time to gussy up but she sure made sure everybody else had what They needed.  In the end, whatever, however that worked for her, but, as a one-woman show I'm pretty proud of this site for what it is because I, at least, can make what I can make, and I'm forever learning and getting better and I make people happy when they ask for something.  They get what they asked for because it's what they wanted and needed and I was the one to make it or fix it or just listen to that request and make it happen.  But, I do hate that any bits and pieces missing on the site are there and if you find it inconvenient to not be able to shop directly from the site, for that I apologize.  I'm easy to work with and I've already gone on long enough but I'm down here saying, "I get it and bear with me."  And, "please understand, I have a LOT to do in all of this endeavor."

Under Construction/No Online Orders Because
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